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So here it is. After our illustrious run of one and a half months, we are merging with another blog. The album reviews section on The Flying Flatcap will be run by us guys here at Reams Of Records for an indefinite amount of time. Who knows? Maybe we will start blogging again here at some point. Keep your eyes peeled…

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Polica – 15/04/2013

Polica are a band that are hard to pigeonhole…electronica? Indie? Regardless, they have released a superb new single called Tiff, featuring Justin Vernon, and it has just made a great day better. Their debut album last year was one of our favourites and they have another coming our way this year. Enjoy!

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Charli XCX – 15/04/2013

Charli XCX is a pop artist that ventures into goth pop and synthpop that has released a couple of EP’s, a couple of mixtapes an unofficial album, and, most recently, her debut full-length entitled True Romance. The album has 13 tracks on and was released today in the UK. In total, the album is 47 minutes long and is being released via Asylum Records. Charli XCX generated a lot of hype and this LP had a lot to live up to. The first half of True Romance comprises of great pop tracks that are dark and intriguing. However, the second half dulls down a bit and 13 tracks is certainly too long. The pauses in the tracks where Charli is just speaking instead of singing are a bit cringey too. It isn’t that bad and is definitely worth a listen, if only to understand what the hype was about. My favourite songs are the first and third. If you like this check out AlunaGeorge or Marina & the Diamonds. 6.8/10.

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Daft Punk – 15/04/2013

So yesterday we posted about the teaser for the new Daft Punk single…and here is the full song! Albeit it is a radio rip but nonetheless, the song is incredible! Give it a listen and enjoy!

P.S. It’s probably a fake

P.P.S It was a fake

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Empire Of the Sun – 15/04/2013

Empire Of the Sun are a synthpop/electropop duo that released an album a couple of years ago and have their next effort coming out in June. Their songs are typically upbeat and catchy and their new single, Alive, is no excpetion. Enjoy!

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Barn Owl – 14/04/2013

Barn Owl is a duo that makes electronica and have released 5 albums of the stuff. The most recent, V, has 6 tracks on and ventures into ambient styles, experimental electronica and has tinges of dub. The record is going to be released tomorrow, on the 9th of April. The first track, Void Redux, kicks in with some foreboding synths and punctuating percussion. The album’s final track is called the Opulent Decline and is almost 19 minutes long. The rest of the songs usually stretch over 6 minutes and have a kind of ambiance to themselves while still containing detail. The minimalist style of Barn Owl makes their sounds seem alien; the songs are dark, ominous and eerie and can be tense in places. If you enjoyed this, check out their previous albums or Ketsa’s album Ketsonica. 6.8/10.

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10 Great Free Downloads – 14/04/2013

In this edition of 10 Great…, we will bring you some of our favourite free albums and EP’s for you to download RIGHT NOW. Without further ado, here’s number 1.

clipping midcity

1. Clipping – Midcity

This a noise-hop album that was released earlier this year in February. I have returned to this album several times and is such an original take on the overused sounds in hip hop. Be wary, this is not for the weak hearted and has a very harsh and chaotic sound. Download it here.

yalls the voice

2. Yalls – The Voice

Yalls is a producer from California that makes glitchy, glittering songs. This EP is his most recent collection and showcases 7 of his tracks. He experiments with lots of different techniques here and is definitely worth a listen. Download it here.

oh hellos

3. The Oh Hellos – Through the Deep, Dark Valley

The Oh Hellos are a folk band from Texas that released an EP in 2011 and an album in 2012 that were both superb. With great lyrics and musicianship, this album is an album that can be listened to time and time again. Download it here.

shark week

4. Shark Week – EP

Shark Week are a surf rock/garage rock band that are based in Washington DC. They released this EP in the summer of 2012 and is a great listen. My favourite track is the second one, If You Want Me To Stay (For A While). Download it here.

big krit

5. Big K.R.I.T. – King Remembered In Time

Big K.R.I.T. released this mixtape earlier this week and it is so good. Big K.R.I.T. is very consistent and this is no exception. The track with James Blake sampled is a highlight. Download it here.

shakey graves

6. Shakey Graves – Roll the Bones

Shakey Graves is a folk artist that has released an EP and an album, which is the subject of this post, Roll the Bones. The album has 10 tracks on and is not as weird as the cover art…promise. Download it here.

worship leviathon

7. Worship

Now technically this isn’t an album or an EP. Worship are a band from the UK that have several tracks up for free download on soundcloud. The three best are House Of Glass, Leviathan and Collateral. Download here.

Conner Youngblood

8. Conner Youngblood – Sketches Pt.1

Conner Youngblood is an Australian singer-songwriter and has released a brilliant EP. There is so much variety in these tracks with synths, guitars, percussion and more being used to create a unique sound. Download it here.

hip hatchet


9. Hip Hatchet – Coward’s Luck EP

Hip Hatchet is the stage name of Philippe Bronchtein. He makes folk music and has a traditional style with regards to the music itself and also his voice. He has also released an album, Joy and Better Days. Download the EP here.

adventure club


10. Adventure Club

Again, this is not an album or an EP but a dubstep duo from Montreal. They have released around 20 tracks and most of them are available to download. They’re mostly remixes, with some originals, and all are great songs. Download them here.

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Daft Punk – 14/04/2013

Daft Punk are a french duo that have been making disco/electronica since the late 90′s (introduction not really needed). They have been building the hype about their new album, Random Access Memories, and have released a teaser of their first single, Get Lucky. Here is the teaser and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THEIR NEW ALBUM. Enjoy!

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Shan – 13/04/2013

Shan is a singer-songwriter from London that makes alternative rock/folk rock and has recently released an EP named Waypoint EP and also single to accompany it, Stay. Stay has a lovely riff that kicks off the song and is repeated throughput the track. Shan has relaxing vocals and backing singers kick in later on that compliment the track wonderfully. Check out Waypoint EP here.

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Thee Oh Sees – 13/04/2013

Thee Oh Sees are a rock group from San Francisco that have been around since 1997 but under a different name (they changed it in 2008 to what it is currently). Their next record, Floating Coffin, is released on the 16th of April via Castle Face Records. The album is a scuzzy, psychedelic collection of tracks that are relatively heavy (for Thee Oh Sees standard). There are 10 tracks on this fast paced album that are collectively around 40 minutes. The album is a very energetic one, typical of Thee Oh Sees, and has vocals that rest on top of distorted guitars. Quite a few of the songs have trippy elements to them and the high pitched style of singing also adds to this. This album is a good one and one to check out this month. If you enjoy this record, check out some of their previous albums or Ty Segall’s album from last year, Slaughterhouse. 7.3/10.

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